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Crossovers vs SUV What's The Difference?

Crossovers vs SUV What's The Difference?

Crossovers vs SUVs What's the Difference?

Peterborough Mitsubishi is among the top dealerships in the Peterborough, Ontario, area and surrounding regions. Crossovers and SUVs are the current trendy vehicle segment in the auto industry, gaining popularity due to their versatility and reliability. While the two vehicle segments may offer similar design styles and engines, they vary in a few fundamental features. Browse our inventory and use our Build and Price tool to find your dream car.

Unique Platforms

The primary difference between SUVs and Crossovers is the platform. Crossovers feature a unibody architecture, with the body and platform built in a single structure. This design results in lighter vehicles, enhancing the ride quality with typically better fuel efficiency.

On the flip side, SUVs feature a somewhat rugged body-on-frame design. This architecture means the frame and body are built separately and mounted afterwards. SUVs are significantly more heavy-duty with greater torsional flexing for better handling and off-road capabilities.

Usually, SUVs are an excellent fit for hauling larger payloads. However, Crossovers are similarly up to the task regarding towing capabilities, with the 2022 Outlander and 2022 Eclipse Crossoffering between 1,500- to 2,000-pound towing capacities.

Size Matters

Since SUVs are designed for rougher terrains, they are usually larger, and most models are classified in mid-size and full-size categories. Conversely, Crossovers vary in size between subcompact and full-size. Nevertheless, automakers will frequently brand Crossovers as compact SUVs and small-sized SUVs. The 2022 Mitsubishi RVR is among the most popular compact SUVs in Canada.

AWD or 4WD Versatility

Crossovers typically feature FWD drivetrains, with most having an AWD system as an option, like the Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) by Mitsubishi. On the contrary, some SUVs come with an RWD drivetrain alongside a 4WD system, ideal for off-roading. However, unlike in AWD systems, you can choose between having 4WD on or off.

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