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Value Your Trade-in

If you are in the market for a new car, chances are that you have an old car that you are looking forward to getting rid of. Selling your old car can help you offset a huge part of the payment you need to acquire the new car. Most car reviewers agree that it is much more convenient to offload your vehicle through a dealer since you won't have to list your car or negotiate with a bunch of buyers. Our company is a leading Mitsubishi dealer in Peterborough, Ontario that also serves Lakefield, Millbrook, Lindsay, Port Hope, and other surrounding areas. We have a wide range of new vehicles as well as used vehicles for you to choose your favourite from on the company's website. What is the trade-in value? Well, we get asked this question a lot. It is the value that the dealer places on your used vehicle.

Factors That Affect Trade-In Value

There are five major factors that affect the value of your trade-in vehicle:

  • Car's make
  • The model of the car
  • Car's age
  • Its mileage
  • The car's condition and desirability

The trade-in value of used cars in Peterborough, Ontario, is determined in many ways. Other than the above-placed factors, dealers also investigate if a car has been in an accident and the damages it sustained.

A trade-in appraisal is done to determine the value of the car. This evaluation involves investigating maintenance and other records of the car. The following are five tips that can help improve the results of a trade-in appraisal:

Do your research

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