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Wheel alignment and Balance

Why Is It Important To Keep A Wheel Alignment And Balance In Check

A wheel alignment is a process in which a vehicle's suspension system gets adjusted back to its manufacturer's specifications. Wheel alignments are necessary for vehicles because they prolong the lifespan of the vehicles' suspension components. A vehicle's suspension system is balanced during a wheel alignment to reduce the forces and wear on wheels and tires, shocks, struts, linkages, and various other components. Proper tire care is completed by routinely having wheel alignments done for your vehicle.

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What's Camber?

Camber is the amount of tilt that a wheel has when measured to the rear or front profile of a vehicle. Camber is measured using positive and negative numbers. Positive camber is when the top portion of a vehicle's wheels are angled further out from the vehicle's body. In contrast, negative camber is when the bottom part of a vehicle's wheels is angled further out from a vehicle's body. Performance cars tend to have wheel setups that are particularly negative camber, which helps the vehicles with traction during hard cornering.

How Caster Affects Your Vehicle?

Caster is an angle measured based on the pivot point of a steering wheel. Vehicles that have a positive caster have suspension components that lean towards the steering wheel of a vehicle, while vehicles that have a negative caster come equipped with suspension components that lean towards the front of a vehicle. The caster angle is given about an imaginary vertical line. While caster doesn't affect the wear on a vehicle's tires, it does affect how a vehicle handles down the road.

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