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Types of Tires

Types of Tire - Peterborough Mitsubishi

Types Of Tires

Tires don't last forever, and they require close attention to ensure safety on the road. As you drive, the tread on your tires will wear down. There will come a time when the tread pattern is so low, and your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Peterborough Mitsubishi can help you choose a new set of tires that will provide you with ample traction and safety for many years to come. There are a few different types of tires to choose from, and we encourage you to learn more about them to make the most practical decision for your vehicle and driving habits.

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The Types Of Tires Available

All-Season Tire

An all-season tire is designed to keep your vehicle safe throughout various weather and road conditions. Unfortunately, although they provide enough traction in rain and slippery conditions, they don't function well in cold and snowy weather.

All-Terrain Tire

You can invest in an all-terrain set of tires that will be practical for highways, city streets, and even off the beaten path. The tread pattern is usually very aggressive so that it can maintain traction everywhere.

Run-Flat Tires

If you're concerned with flat tires, a run-flat tire can put your mind at ease. If you were to lose air pressure, your tire could still be driven a certain distance before it's not drivable anymore. Of course, you will have to keep your speed under 80 kilometres per hour.

Summer Tires

The treads are a little lower in a summer-only variety, and they're designed to look very attractive on your vehicle and perform well on dry pavement. However, you still get enough tread to provide you with adequate traction on wet roads.

Winter Tire

If you're from a colder climate, then you understand how important a good quality tire is for the winter. Winter tires will be able to maintain traction on ice, snow, and slick surfaces.

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