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Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Auto Maintenance Tips for Spring

As spring approaches, most drivers prefer taking adventures, road trips, and camping expeditions. Regardless of your plans, it's recommended that you get your car in excellent working condition to enhance its efficiency and boost your confidence. At Peterborough Mitsubishi, we advise drivers to follow a pre-set list of maintenance tips to keep their vehicles running smoothly during and after spring.

Spring Car Cleaning

Due to the increased dust and pollen, it is essential that you thoroughly clean your vehicle during Spring. Apart from maintaining a clean exterior, it would be best if you also vacuumed your vehicle’s interior to remove dust and dirt for a fresh spring start.

Swap Your Tires

Tires are a critical part of everyday driving, and you should ensure you take care of them as spring approaches. Ensure you check your tire pressure about once a month and replace worn-out tires immediately.

Examine Your Headlights

Most headlights get damaged as a result of cold winter temperatures. As you head into spring, ensure your vehicle’s headlights are functional by cleaning the headlight’s exterior and replacing worn-out bulbs.

Replace Windshield Wiper Blades and Fluids

Driving during spring showers will be difficult and dangerous if you have worn-out wiper blades. Installing new wiper blades and maintaining windshield washer fluids will enhance your visibility this spring.

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

If you are looking for a trouble-free driving experience this spring, ensure you change your oil and replace oil filters. This prevents engine damage and improves your vehicle’s performance. If it’s time to get your oil and filter replaced, schedule a service appointment with us, and we’ll get you back on the road in working order in no time.

Check the Battery

The cold winter temperatures take a toll on your battery and can lead to corrosion at the terminals. It is vital to replace worn-out batteries as spring approaches and ensure your terminals are free from corrosion.

Check Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes tend to get worn out during winter due to snow, road salt, and water. Therefore, ensure you replace any worn-out brakes to enhance the safety of you and other road users.

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