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Brake Repair Service in Peterborough, ON

Brake Repair Made Easy

Brake Repair Made Easy

A car's safety is not only subject to how fast the airbags deploy. Brakes also play a significant part in protecting drivers and passengers. At Peterborough Mitsubishi, we understand why cars must maintain a healthy brake system. At our certified Mitsubishi dealership, a professional team is available to address brake repair needs as well as routine check-ups. Our exceptional service has seen us become the preferred dealership in Peterborough, Ontario, serving Lakefield, Millbrook, Lindsay, and Port Hope. Be sure to schedule a service appointment with us to take advantage of our stellar yet affordable services.

The general car check-up at Peterborough Mitsubishi goes beyond ensuring that brakes are working well. Our skilled technicians examine hoses, struts, motor mounts, and filters. Specifically, the inspection starts with checking the brake function. We also test if the brake fluid levels are okay and examine the system for possible leaks. Further, our assessment ascertains whether the vehicle's drums, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses warrant repairs. We tidy up the car maintenance process by inspecting the brake hardware for wear and tear.

But how does one know that brakes need repair? Well, several elements indicate that it is time to book a service appointment with us. Contact us if any of the following signs surface :

The ABS Light Turns On

When a vehicle's antilock system deactivates owing to a malfunction, it displays a warning light. Be sure to schedule a brake system inspection if the light comes on.

Vibrations or Noise When Braking

The brake pedal vibrates when brake rotors warp. Similarly, worn-out brake pads make a squealing or howling sound when braking. These signs indicate that the brake system requires a repair.

Brake Pedals Feel Spongy

If a brake pedal almost lowers to the floor when braking, a brake repair in Peterborough, ON, is necessary. Worn out pads may be the root cause. A leaking brake system, which is even more dangerous, may also be the reason.

A Pull When Braking

A faulty brake system may cause a right or left pull due to numerous issues. Firstly, it may be a stuck cylinder. However, uneven brake pads may also be the reason. At times, a brake fluid leak may cause the pull. In any case, the brake system requires the immediate attention of a mechanic.

Regular brake inspections help identify problems early enough before they significantly impair a vehicle. For example, worn-out brake pads make the rotors wear out even faster. Checks-ups can also unearth faulty brake systems that accelerate the rates at which tires wear out. Undoubtedly, brake maintenance contributes to the overall health of a car.

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