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Oil Change in Peterborough, Ontario

Vehicle Oil Change in Peterborough, ON

Vehicle Oil Change in Peterborough, Ontario

Oil changes are the most common and critical maintenance you can perform on your vehicle. When you do regular oil changes, you promote the proper workings of your engine. And, in turn, enhance its longevity. We are the leading Mitsubishi dealership in Peterborough, Ontario. We are also serving Lakefield, Millbrook, Port Hope, Lindsay, and surrounding areas. If you are looking for the best oil service centre, please schedule a service appointment online today. And we will ensure your engine is running smoothly and properly lubricated.

Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?

Oil changes are necessary because they keep your engine running correctly by lubricating your engine's internal components. Used oil loses its lubricating properties with use and time, resulting in thicker viscosity that leads to reduced performance and fuel efficiency. Also, contaminated oil can become sludge if not changed, which will result in many problems that are far more expensive than routine oil changes. Using the correct oil and following the proper change intervals, your engine will have the lubrication it needs to last its expected lifespan.

Another aspect to consider is vehicle maintenance history, which reflects on how well the vehicle is maintained. When it's time to get a new vehicle, your maintenance records will make selling your vehicle easier since the buyer will have peace of mind knowing that the engine was maintained correctly. Also, you will maintain the highest resell value for your vehicle, which will have higher financial benefit than skipping oil changes.

What Are The Different Types Of Motor Oil, And How Do I Know Which One Is Right For My Mitsubishi?

Not oil types are the same. And as such, it is essential to know which one is right for your Mitsubishi. Here are some oil types you can come across:

Conventional Oil

This oil type is typical of motor oil, but it's not as refined as synthetic options. And as such, it will not provide you with the same engine protection, but it's enough to keep your engine running healthy. However, it is budget-friendly and more than sufficient, depending on your model's oil recommendation.

High Mileage Oil

If you are looking to get oil for higher mileage engines, this type will be your ideal choice. It has additives that recondition your engine's seals, and it helps break down sludge build-up. Remarkably, high mileage oil also helps prevent oil evaporation, which increases the engine's performance.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This oil blend is from both synthetic oils and natural materials. This oil type aims to capture the benefits of both types of materials and reduce their limitations. You, therefore, get more engine protection and better performance. Although they are cheaper than full synthetic oil, they are more costly than conventional oil, which can be an excellent upgrade for vehicles that only require conventional oil.

Full Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils are lab manufactured, making them more refined and improving your engine's workings by a long shot. This type of oil effectively protects your engine and holds its viscosity in winter to better protect internal components during cold starts. It is the all-time best for your Mitsubishi as it helps prevent sludge formation. And more importantly, it improves gas mileage and engine performance.

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