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Jack's Autobody in Peterborough, Ontario

Jack's Autobody in Peterborough, Ontario
Jack's Autobody

At Jack's Autobody in Peterborough Mitsubishi, we provide an array of automotive services to our customers to keep their vehicles running at their best and looking shiny new, including services like a Service Centre, a Parts Centre, an auto body shop, and more. With a team of experts and a state-of-the-art repair facility, we have the knowledge and tools required to get your vehicle back to like-new condition.

Why should you bring your vehicle to Jack's Autobody & Collision?

Because we've been around for over 35 years providing excellent customer service and workmanship we offer free estimates and are experts when it comes to insurance claims. We're there when you need someone who can help. We can even arrange your tow or rental if needed.

Jack's Autobody location in Peterborough, Ontario

When you come to Jack's you can expect a friendly atmosphere and for your car to be in good hands. Because there's no peace of mind quite like getting your car fixed by people who are professionals and know it well.

Plus, we have Magnum.

Auto Servicing in Peterborough, Ontario

At Jack's Autobody & Collision, we specialize in full collision repairs as well as paint-less dent removal, automotive glass repairs and installation.

When it comes to restorations we are dedicated to the highest level of quality. We offer a variety of services such as assembly, body repair, custom metal fabrication, frame repair, paint, and much more.

Services That We Provide in Our Auto Body Shop

Full Collision Repairs

If your vehicle is involved in a collision that compromises any of its systems or panels, our experts can evaluate the damage and repair your vehicle back to the manufacturer's specifications. Some damage that might seem minor on the exterior panels of your vehicle could be hiding other damage to the systems mounted behind, making it vital to disassemble damaged parts to check the severity of the damage thoroughly.

Paintless Dent Removal

Minor dents and imperfections can happen over time for various reasons, and sometimes they can occur without compromising the paint, allowing our technicians to perform paintless dent removal. With such repairs, the original paint remains untouched, and the dent gets pulled out, leaving you with a perfectly straight panel with the original paint from the factory.

Automotive Glass Repairs & Installation

Driving on the highway has to be the main cause of windshield cracks and damage, leaving drivers with distracting damage that's hard to miss while driving. Once your windshield experiences any damage, you will want to promptly get it in for repair before it spreads and requires a complete replacement. If your windshield is deemed unrepairable, our staff can remove it and properly install a new windshield.


Our auto body staff members have lots of experience assembling various components and parts. They understand the importance of precisely fitting parts to keep your vehicle's original quality. They go above and beyond to ensure the body lines align and that components are properly secured.

Body Repair

Repairing body panels and cosmetic issues is another service our body shop can perform, returning your vehicle's appearance to its showroom shine. Depending on the damage, your vehicle could have paintless dent repair, or it could receive body repairs with a repaint afterwards. However, don't worry since our experts are more than capable of matching and blending your paint back to its original colour to match the untouched panels.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Rust or external factors can sometimes cause holes in your bodywork, which requires custom metal fabrication and welding to bring it back to its smooth perfection. Our associates are great at repairing patches and entire damage sections to return your vehicle to its original shape. Not only will they create a smooth finish, but they will also make sure that the repair is ready for paint.

Frame Repair

Major accidents can impact your vehicle's frame, causing the structural frame to bend to absorb the impact's energy and mitigate the risk of injury to occupants. When your vehicle gets involved in a crash, it's a good idea to check the frame to ensure it's within specifications. If the frame needs any adjustment, our experts have the proper tools and knowledge to bring it back to its original shape, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is repaired correctly.

Contact Us To Book a Service Appointment

If your vehicle needs paint touch-ups, a complete repaint, bodywork, maintenance, repairs, or anything in between, make sure to contact us to book a service appointment. Our friendly experts will gladly take good care of you and your vehicle, giving you the services you need to keep your vehicle running and looking its best.

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