Winter Tire Change in Peterborough, Ontario

Winter Tire Change in Peterborough, Ontario

Winter Tire Change in Peterborough, ON

At Peterborough Mitsubishi, we believe in supporting our customers' varying ownership needs, which is why we offer numerous automotive services such as our Service Centre, Parts Centre, and more. On top of offering the services needed to keep vehicles operating safely year-round, we also provide helpful information to keep our customers safe during the winter months.


Is it necessary to change winter tires?

Yes, it's vital to have winter tires during the winter months since they are the only point of contact with the road. Winter tires have a special rubber compound and are engineered to dissipate snow and slush from the tire tread to provide maximum traction on snowy roads.

What happens if you don't change your winter tires?

Without winter tires, you will be putting yourself and others at a higher risk of accidents. Also, driving without winter tires during the winter will increase the rate of wear on your all-season tires, resulting in you having to purchase tires more frequently.

What happens if you leave winter tires on all year?

Keeping your winter tires on all year is just as bad as driving with all-season tires during winter. Since winter tires have a softer tire compound, your winter set will start to wear out relatively quickly during hot summer days, leaving you with unsafe bald tires for the winter months. To avoid such mishaps, consider having two sets of wheels and tires to match the driving conditions you plan on driving through, giving you the maximum tire lifespan from both sets of tires.

Contact Us To Schedule a Service Appointment

To install your winter tires or get any maintenance or repairs done, make sure to contact us to book a service appointment with our Service Centre. Not only will our factory-trained technicians take good care of your vehicle, but they will also inspect it to get you ready for the road.

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