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Random Acts of Green


Random Acts of Green™ is a social enterprise.


They creatively raise awareness about environmental action, by creating, capturing, generating, and sharing green social media content for social media followers.




Random Acts of Green

They engage, entertain, and educate the public about ways to combat climate change - and they have fun while they do it.


Peterborough Mitsubishi is proud to be the official vehicle sponsor for Random Acts of Green.  Follow Random Acts of Green on Facebook today!



As part of our continuous effort in keeping our neighborhood clean of emissions Peterborough Mitsubihi and Kawartha Lakes have joined forces to help introduce nine new electric vehicle charging stations to the community of Peterborough. The addition of these charging stations not only marks a milestone for the community Peterborough but it also solidifies our city as leaders in the eco-revolution. By playing our part in eliminating harmful gas emissions, Peterborough is able to grow and flourish at an unprecendeted rate.


Contact Peterborough Mitsubishi for details on electric vehicles such as the new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.




Charging stations for the electric vehicles can be found in a number of locations within Peterborough. (See Map provided by ChargeHub)

The city of Peterborough has 14 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 93% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 21% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

In February the community of Peterborough will see the opening of 9 additional charging stations in the following areas:


-Peterborough Zoo

-Lansdowne Place Mall

-Peterborough Memorial Centre

-King Street Parking Garage

-Asphodel Norwood Township office in Norwood -Lakefield Downtown location







The new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV truly is the vehicle for environmental sustainability in Peterborough!


The Outlander PHEV offers three driving modes, including EV Drive which uses only electricity for zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 tailpipe emissions and a quiet, clean and powerful drive. It can be charged from any regular 120 volt household outlet and is currently the only PHEV on the market that allows DC quick charging, which provides up to 80% of a full charge in approximately 30 minutes. For even further eco-convenience, charge on the go! By pressing the Battery Charge button, the engine-powered generator charges the main drive battery while you drive.


Contact the sales team at Peterborough Mitsubishi to schedule your 2018 Outlander PHEV test drive today and join the eco-revolution!

 White 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV



 Random Acts of Green + Peterborough Mitsubishi = Saving The Planet One Act at a Time!