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Peterborough Mitsubishi understands the value of keeping Peterborough sustainable. Whether it's letting locals make vehicle purchases with the Kawartha Loon, keeping our neighborhood clean, supporting worthy community organizations, or participating in local events, we're there.

You can rely on our team to support Peterborough in any way we can. Look for us around the town at events in our cruiser and for our name on local sponsorships. When our motto says "It's all about you!" we mean every amazing citizen of Cavan Monaghan & Peterborough. You're our customers, neighbours, and friends. You can bet on Peterborough Mitsubishi working to improve our community every chance we get.

Check out our upcoming events and sponsorships below, and give your time to some worthwhile causes right here in our home town.




 Peterborough Mitsubishi | Sustainable Events and Activities in Peterborough and Ontario


Join Us on Saturday May 7, 2016 at the Butt Blitz Event for a Greener Future in Peterborough and OntarioJoin Us on Saturday May 7, 2016 at the Butt Blitz Event for a Greener Future in Peterborough and Ontario 





Did you know ONE cigarette butt PER LITRE of water can KILL the fish in a stream? Cigarette butt litter is a growing problem everywhere. We need to raise awareness about the consequences this has for the health of our ecosystems, wildlife, and our own health.


Join the Butt Blitz Event to help make a HUGE environmental impact across Canada! All you have to do is collect cigarette butts from local parks, beaches, shorelines, streets, and other public places. Count them as you go and give them to your location's event coordinator on May 7th who will ship them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling!


To find your nearest event location and the name of your coordinator visit the website The Butt Blitz


Are you ready to kick some Butt Canada? Invite your friends!







Peterborough Mitsubishi | Past Events and Activities in Cavan Monaghan in Ontario


Keeping our Kawartha Lakes Neighborhood Clean


Keeping Peterborough Sustainable | Peterborough Mitsubishi



Keeping Peterborough Sustainable | Peterborough Mitsubishi

This September, Peterborough City and County will be overflowing with a bounty of good food - fresh produce, local meats and cheese, maple syrup, honey and more – and the community will celebrate its first-ever Peterborough Local Food Month.


The City and County of Peterborough have officially declared September as our community's annual Local Food Month. Festivities planned for the inaugural season have been organized by Farms at Work and Transition Town, along with a hard-working group of volunteers. Community members can participate in many different ways – from taking local food tours, to visiting restaurants serving local dishes, buying at farmers markets and joining the fun at the Purple Onion Festival at Millennium Park on Sunday September 20th.



This is just a first taste of the activities available throughout September. Challenge yourself to find out how easy it is to support local farms and farmers, as well as the food businesses that process and distribute food grown close to home!



Pick up a free comprehensive Local Food Guide at any local farmer's market in the County, or at selected locations selling local food. Visit the official website at, like Local Food Month on Facebook.

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Keeping Peterborough Sustainable | Peterborough Mitsubishi


Litter Cleanup for Peterborough Mitsubishi's Sponsorship


Date: Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Time: 9am - 10:30am
Location: Millennium Park, Peterborough, Ontario
Attendees: Our fantastic volunteers!

We believe in making the Peterborough area a great place to live for all residents, whether they're human, furry, or flying. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to make a difference, and we're doing just that with our participation in a Millenium Park llitter clean up crew on September 20th.  Visit the Facebook group for updates and more information!

- Participants will meet at Millennium Park in front of the Silver Bean Cafe.
- Instructions will be given on how to safely collect litter.
- Teams will be assigned a location on the map to collect litter in designated areas.
- T-shirts will be given out and all of the supplies you need will be distributed.
- P
ictures will be taken of our hard working crew.