What is the Kawartha Loon? | Peterborough Mitsubishi Accepts The Kawartha Loon

Find out more about the Kawartha Loon Exchange | The Governing Body for the Kawartha Loons, our Local Peterborough, Ontario Currency


Ever since the 1800's and the electrification of Peterborough, our local Peterborough community has been very active on many progressive economy sectors, including the electrification of Canada (right before the establishment of the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plants), sustainability and self-sufficiency. To promote the wealth-building efforts of our community, local farming and trading of services, Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) created the Kawartha Loon Exchange and the Kawartha Loon (KL) in 2013.



Visit our local Peterborough Community Credit Union in Peterborough and Ontario

This is the Kawartha Loon | Purchase your next Peterborough Mitsubishi Sedan or SUV using your Kawartha Loons in Cavan Monaghan and Ontario



Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) is a grassrouts volunteer, non-profit organization focused on reducing fossil fuel dependency while increasing local resilience and security of food, water, energy, culture and wellness. Using the sound foundations of our local Peterborough Credit Union as its sole banking agent, TTP can issue Kawartha Loons (KL) on a 10% discount compared to the Canadian Dollar i.e $20 can get you $18 Kawartha Loons. Using your 18 KL, you can purchase goods or services worth 20 Canadian Dollars.


By using the local Peterborough currency you can pay for local goods and services at our local businesses and therefore create local wealth and local jobs. Even a very small shift to local Peterborough spending can create a measurable impact in local businesses and diminish our reliance on non-local goods, including out-of-province foods and oil, Canadian or imported. Access to public and private funding is also improved for our region and keeping wealth in a community is one of the key foundations for creating a community where youth can stay in the community and find or create productive work.


Peterborough Mitsubishi is an avid supporter of local Peterborough initiatives and we also accept the Kawartha Loon. You can actually purchase a vehicle from us, using your Kawartha Loons. You can view the complete list of Kawartha Loon supporting business here.



What is the Kawartha Loon? | Our Local Transition Town Peterborough Currency in Cavan Monaghan & Ontario